robot gong

A computer controlled tubular bell.


  • beautiful tone,
  • the tubular bell can be any length (note) or colour. This version is A at 220Hz (1.28m long)
  • custom designs could feature multiple bells
  • I can provide easy to use Linux drivers and I’m sure Windows would be just as easy. You just write a command to the parallel port,
  • supplied with C source code, easy to customize

If you want one, I build them for £100 plus the tubular bell. The bell is more expensive the bigger it gets, and colours (anodized) cost more. £150 gets you the ringer and a concert A (120cm) tube. Stand not included, but its easy to hang from the ceiling or a wall.

I can also make the top boards from different materials (wood, aluminium, perspex) and hide the circuitry if desired.

How it works

A motor (pwm controlled) is used to wind up the arm and then a magnet on the arm sticks to the end of the solenoid. When the solenoid is switched on, it pulls the piston back, breaking the connection with the magnet. As the arm swings down, the motor unravels the string to make the movement as free as possible. The motor keeps running to wind the beater back up (to avoid damping the bell). A microswitch detects that the arm is back, and the motor unwinds gently to allow the solenoid plunger down gently (too much of a jolt and the arm breaks free).

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