making a usb footpedal


So I bought a pcline usb keyboard for £5. I was waiting for something to crop up on ebay or from a friend, but finally I got a new one from pcworld. I gutted the keyboard and kept the pcb:

Working out the wiring matrix was easy using a multimeter.


Lou Smith helped me make the box; he has access to a very nice workshop! One peice of ply, routed 2 slots for the switches.

Back is a 2mm peice of perspex. This pic is before the wires and pcb were put in.

After the wiring is in and checked!


  • 10ms latency
  • max simultaneous keystrokes is six – resource

in use

  • the switches I bought were pretty ropey because they were so old. I needed to open them all up and clean the contacts. Lucky for me they were easy to open
  • I still need some rubber to stop it sliding around
  • it works very well as a loop controller, but has no analogue controls. I’ve started using a wiimote for that.


latency stuff, looks like 10ms :

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