using a wiimote with linux and puredata

I got my wiimote to connect to linux yesterday!


  • compiling the bluetooth network support as modules. I needed bluetooth, rfcomm, hidp and l2cap. I’m using a thinkpad t42 with builtin bluetooth. The bluetooth adapter is connected to the usb bus, so I also needed hci_usb.
  • installed bluez-utils, then with the wiimote on and in discovery mode run ‘hcitool scan’; finds the Nintendo wiimote!

ping:555:$ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:0A:3A:6B:BD:71       n/a
        00:14:51:8C:C4:78       core
        00:19:63:1B:15:2F       Me
        00:19:1D:30:06:CE       Nintendo RVL-CNT-01

pure data

Jack + pd + wiimote + freewheeling = remote controlled looping!

Then I started freewheeling and connected that to pd using jack. I controlled the freewheeling overdub button with pd to test and it all works! So that is proof of concept of a wiimote controlled loop setup.


  • I’m going to hack up volume control with the wiimote over the weekend
  • I want to control master out granular filter
  • I want to find out is whether I can get freewheeling to give me status (maybe as a midi message or unix socket) back to PD so I can control the blue lights on the wii to give me status (like if overdub mode is on). I imagine that would be cool for any control surface.

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