building a custom looping machine


freewheeling runs on Linux, so I could use a very small computer like


and plug in a low latency, high quality usb sound card (would I even need one with the linutop?) like


and then make a custom rugged, lightweight footpedal. I’ve started making a usb footpedal, and other options include

additional controllers

One thought on “building a custom looping machine

  1. Hi Matthew,

    I came to your blog through the Ableton forum. I’ve been planning to build a Linux Live FX and looping machine that feels more like a straight-forward guitar pedal. So I wonder how far you’ve gotten with this project. I haven’t found much information on the net on small rugged computer cases to be used as live performance tools, so if you could point me to any resources or share some experience, I’d be very grateful.

    Best wishes,

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