songs with lyrics

a collection of songs that have lyrics in them. lyrical/sound.mp3 lyrical/moment.mp3 lyrical/behind these bars.mp3 lyrical/explicitly.mp3 lyrical/crypto.mp3 lyrical/frustration.mp3 lyrical/apologies.mp3 lyrical/break by prison.mp3 lyrical/logicallife.mp3 lyrical/sitting in sickness.mp3

electronic selection

A whole bunch of my electronic tracks. From 2000 onwards. electronic/nadith.mp3 electronic/robble.mp3 electronic/pingpong.mp3 electronic/orfanin.mp3 electronic/00-mod.mp3 electronic/01-imperception.mp3 electronic/02-newdirections.mp3 electronic/cathedral.mp3 electronic/scinsp.mp3 electronic/harue.mp3 electronic/lik.mp3

improvised mashup

Another live and improvised selection. These are from the early days with my looper and fx box. Up here for posterity more than anything else. improvised/2006-12-09-2 voice.mp3 improvised/2006-12-09-I say hey.mp3 improvised/2006-12-09-island getaway.mp3 improvised/2006-12-09-scifi.mp3 improvised/2006-12-14-5 bars of 6 about muse.mp3 improvised/2006-12-14-atmospheric Read More …