improvised mashup

Another live and improvised selection. These are from the early days with my looper and fx box. Up here for posterity more than anything else.

improvised/2006-12-09-2 voice.mp3

improvised/2006-12-09-I say hey.mp3

improvised/2006-12-09-island getaway.mp3


improvised/2006-12-14-5 bars of 6 about muse.mp3

improvised/2006-12-14-atmospheric freestyle.mp3

improvised/2006-12-14-falter chorus.mp3

improvised/2006-12-14-family bother.mp3

improvised/2006-12-14-funky with feedback.mp3

improvised/2006-12-14-humming in parts.mp3

improvised/2006-12-14-in 5 with lots of cuts and breaks.mp3

improvised/2006-12-14-in 7.mp3

improvised/2006-12-14-waoh waoh.mp3

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