shaking the posts

To play this game you will need:

  • yourself
  • something that is springy and will continue wobbling for a few seconds after you stop shaking it. I’ve found thin signposts and thin trees good for this.

To play the game:

  • start shaking the springy thing forwards and backwards
  • remove your hand(s)
  • put your hands back on and continue shaking – try and make this moment as soft as possible. If you feel that you are stopping the natural movement of the springy thing then you could be softer.

What can this game teach you?

  • how to be soft (least amount of jarring on reconnection with springy thing) and have forwards pressure (going forwards to reconnect) at the same time.
  • greater sensitivity to movement
  • the moving dynamics of springy things

Why would I want to play this game?

  • being soft is very subtle and powerful way of life
  • combining softness with forwards pressure is very difficult
  • softness and forwards pressure equals automatic, effective and respectful problem solving.

One thought on “shaking the posts

  1. This game is Dang!

    Forwards pressure and softness have often proved the most effective means of problem solving for me. I enjoy any opportunity to find ways of explicitly practicing these two discreet but excellently well balanced ways of being. Pole shakery has proved a great stimulus- good for practicing on something dynamic when there are no humans around.

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