Artmospheric 2008 – movement and computers workshop

The workshop was about using wiimote controllers to work with computers to control sound, video, robotics. I focussed on sound because that is what I use most. Here is a summary with links to more resources:

  • wiimotes are remote controls for computers. They connect wirelessly using bluetooth. There are many ways to use them as controllers as they have a lot of sensors and buttons. An easy way to get started is: 2 variable controls (rotation left and right, and rotation up and down), and 11 buttons.
  • connecting with windows requires a program called blue soleil which you can buy. Then a program called glovePIE makes the data available as MIDI. The MIDI data is easily used by audio and sound programs.
  • connecting with a mac uses a program called wiitomidi which does all the work of making the data available as MIDI. The mac bluetooth software seems to have a bug in it. I’ve needed to keep trying wiitoremote, and when it doesn’t work: quit, delete the wii from the bluetooth devices list and start wiitomidi again.
  • connecting with linux is easy, and depends on what software you are using. I use PureData.

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