Super Easy Vegan Chocolate Truffles

These came about while experimenting with ground cocoa powder. You’ll need most of these ingredients:

  • cocoa powder
  • a runny sweetener (golden syrup, date syrup, honey etc.)
  • a thickener like tahini or ground nuts (I used tahini and cashews)
  • something to dust the outside with like dessicated coconut

Mix up the nuts, tahini and sweetener in a bowl. It’s easier to get the sweetness right now than later because stirring runny sweeteners into thick paste is hard. So if you want really chocolatey truffles you’ll need this mix to be quite sweet because cocoa is bitter.

Pour in a good amount of cocoa powder and blend it in. Taste and check for texture. Keep adding cocoa until the taste and the texture is just right.

Pull off little pieces of the mixture and roll into balls. Then drop into a bowl of your dusting material and roll around. Stack them up on a plate and cool them for a bit in the fridge before eating!

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