raw vegan chocolate cheesecake

the base

  • almonds and cashews
  • dried dates
  • a bit of tahini

blend it in a food processor until the mix starts sticking together. Add more dates if it needs more stickyness. Add more nuts if it needs more bulk.  Squish it into a greased tin and put in the freezer for 30 minutes.

the chocolate bit

  • 6 ripe avocados
  • a banana
  • sweetener like date syrup or golden syrup
  • cocoa powder

Blend the avocados and then add the banana. Start adding cocoa powder and sweetener to taste. As usual, the most important rule of improvised cooking is to keep tasting! Spread over the base and put in the fridge. A few hours before you want it is good.

tasting hint

I drink and gargle a bit of water and then smell coffee in between tastings. This seems to help keep my palette fresh.

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