audible photo frames

A cross between an interactive installation and a traditional photo exhibition – audible photo frames combine bright and vivid images with contextual sound. This new way of exhibiting photos gives the photographer or visual artist new opportunities to explore the world of sound and image combined.

Transparencies or collages are temporarily laminated between 2 sheets of glass and then mounted over electroluminescent sheet. This new material gives a bright and uniform illumination of the photo.

When the photo frame is touched, it plays a sound recording before illuminating the photo. The first photographer booked to use this system is Shawn Ballentine – who has taken a lot of photos of performance. The actual sound that was recorded on the night will be linked with the photo to give great context to the experience. As an exhibitor using the system, you can use your own samples or field recordings. Alternatively I can create custom electronic soundscapes.

While not in use, the computer system can randomly illuminate various frames and play segments of the recorded audio, inviting an audience to get involved with the exhibition.

If you are interested in hiring this system for your own installation, please contact me at

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