osculator + puredata = useful portable midi controller for ableton live

I found the wii and osculator difficult to use with ableton live. This is because I want to automate lots of parameters with midi, and it is annoying to change the midi controller number in osculator and then learn that in ableton. I’d also need to disable the other acceleration controllers so live would learn the right parameter.Is there another way of doing this with just osculator? I should probably ask the forum…So, anyway – here is my solution. A patch for puredata and a patch for osculator. Instructions:

  • download puredata and this patch: wii-solo.zip 
  • load the wii osculator patch and attach the wii
  • load the pure data patch called wii-solo.pd
  • set the midi preferences in puredata: input from osculator, output to iac (enable in apple os midi preferences if necessary)
  • now press some buttons on the wii, you should see activity lights in the puredata patch when you press the + or – button.
  • + and – step up and down through the controller numbers
  • 1 and 2 output just that single controller to make it easy to learn
  • controllers only sent if you press the b button (I find this easier to work with and cuts down midi bandwidth to live)

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