Happy Haxmas!

Last night of our excellent Haxmas in Leeds with Stuart, Dave and Scott. We made high voltage levitators, polargraphs, tesla coils, puzzle boxes, laser cut flexiwood notebooks, solar rainbow makers, and chocolate molds!

Check the photos here.

winding my new secondary tesla coil

One of the great things was that we were all able to trade ideas and experience. For example; Scott let me use his tesla coil winding gear and showed me how to make a decent secondary coil for my tesla project. I helped Dave and Stuart put together my solar rainbow makers and polargraphs.

What seems to work well is to have a well formed idea to investigate, or a mostly finished project that can be easily duplicated by other people. Another thing we might try next time is to collectively solve a problem that we would all benefit by. An example is that none of us know a cheap and reliable radio link we can use with computers and microcontrollers.

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