Tesla coil build

I’ve been working on a Tesla coil for a while, but haven’t posted anything about it. Basically a Tesla coil is a way of making very high voltages; which is cool! For a break down on how they work check out Richie Burnett’s site.

Deep fried neon is a great site with a lot of the equations I used to get the shapes and sizes in the right order of magnitude. Hopefully it will work!

Here’s a video of my driver circuitry working with a spark gap:

And here’s a photo of my secondary that I wound with the help of Scott, my Tesla coil mentor:
winding my new secondary tesla coil

I’ve just made a prototype former (one of four) for the primary coil and ordered the copper tube for it.
prototype primary coil holder

Next up I need to: build a stand, install the primary, build a secondary top load. Then it should be testing time!

My calculations are available here.

The rest of my photos are here.

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