Tesla coil finished!

I wrote about my Tesla coil before,  but now it’s finished! The jobs I had left to do were making the primary, making the top loads and building a case.

Here’s a photo of the primary coil mounted on acrylic coil formers I cut with my CNC router.

primary coil

Making the top loads on a train from Leeds…

Tesla top load

And then finally I had everything I needed for a test!

The last part was making the case, to support the coil and to keep the electronics inside. The case is smoked acrylic which works pretty well at reducing the glare from the spark gap. The case parts were generated with the CNC boxotron script I adapted at thingiverse.

tesla box

It’s been a great project. One of the things I’ve learnt is how to keep a project progressing over a long time frame. Most of my projects are finished in a few months, but this is one of the long, slow burners. Overall it took about 2 years to happen!

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