Cursive Data goes live!

CursiveData┬áis the new name for the data visualisation platform I’ve been working on for the last few years. It draws together a lot of aspects including real time energy monitoring, data visualisation and internet connected drawing robots. It’s the more functional and expandable version of my first attempt at visualising energy data I wrote about here.

The major improvements are:

  • Instead of patterns being hard coded into the robot, patterns are now created by software modules that are hosted by CursiveData. This allows much easier design of more complex visualisations. The modules are written in python, and output SVGs.
  • As well as being able to send the incremental changes to the robot, the website shows the current pattern with a scroll bar to see how the pattern has built up over time. This can be embedded on an external website.
  • Previously, the system supported only one robot. CursiveData can support many internet connected robots of different types. As well as sending pattern data, plain SVGs can be uploaded to the robots, and they can also be paused and resumed remotely.
  • The robot design has been improved considerable, including automatic homing, pen lift, a more beautiful frame and much higher drawing resolution.
The next step is to build a few more pattern generators, and then start opening it up to other people and organisations. If you’re interested in either, please get in touch.

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