CPD courses for teachers in Python, programming and Raspberry Pi

Last year, the UK changed the national curriculum to include real computer science!

While this is great news for kids and the UK in general, a lot of teachers have been left struggling with little warning or training.

I initially started working with cpdforteachers to develop a raspberry pi course. This was such a fun course to create and run – we’ve had teachers creating a machine that detects a cake theft with an infra red sensor, then takes a photo and tweets it with the title ‘cake thief!’. The course eventually turned into our raspberry pi inventions course as we realised we also needed a total beginners course.

Since then we’ve added python courses beginners and for KS4, and also a course on actually how to teach programming – using physical games, scratch, python and more. Take a look at the CPD for teachers website for all the available courses!

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