DIY, recycled cargo bike

Inspired by Tom’s cargo bikes in issue 12 of Boneshaker magazine, I decided to try my hand at building a cargo bike out of some old bikes and reclaimed steel. Luckily for me my buddy Eric has a great metal working workshop with MIG welding, plasma cutting and a big lathe.

We mostly followed a picture of one of Tom’s bikes and worked out the rest as we went along.

The only new parts we used were a pair of Ford Escort Tie rods that came in at £9 for a pair. These bearings are deliberately tight, which I’m hoping will loosen up in time as the steering is pretty stiff right now. The other problem with the tie rods is that they were some obscure imperial thread – so we welded on some M10 metric nuts and then we were able to use standard studding to make an adjustable connection between them.

The bike still needs proper brakes, gears and lights which we’ll finish off at the amazing Bristol bike project (who also donated the frame).

Here’s a link to photos of the construction process.

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