Hydrogen fuel cell and aerial photography workshop

As a recent commission from Arcola Energy, I created a 2 hour workshop for primary school KS2 children. The spec was to teach about hydrogen and its use as an energy store. I wanted to make it fun and memorable and it seemed a great opportunity to finally realise my dream of doing an aerial photography workshop!

As well as providing lift, the hydrogen is used to power the Raspberry Pi computer that is taking the photos. Have a look at this annotated photo for the details.

Because we’re using a Pi, the kids can easily help out with the programming side. I created a big set of printed scratch blocks for them to play with, so each group could have a go at creating a program. Then I showed them (by connecting the Pi to the teacher’s projector) what the final program looks like:

That ‘broadcast photo’ block is something I contributed to Simon Walter’s scratchgpio project. It makes it easy to take photo’s with the Pi camera using scratch.

The kids loved the workshop, and it’s been successfully run a number of times in the Isle of Wight. Here’s what some of them said:

Thank you so much- it really was excellent!

Excellent workshop, loved the links to the new Computing curriculum. Algorithms and programming aplenty!

All the children had a fantastic time. Can’t wait for next year!

I’m developing a simpler, helium lifted workshop over at Piffin, if you’re interested, then please get in touch via Piffin.

All the files including workshop plans, handouts, CAD files are in the repository. Here’s a direct link to the lesson plan (in the docs directory).

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