Printing Sine Waves

I’ve always wanted to do something arty with my CNC router but never quite known what. After the simple drawing robot (originally inspired by the Art-o-matic v1) I thought I’d get back to basics and build a harmonograph – a set of pendulums that add together to produce lovely sinusoidal based art.


Then I thought to hell with reality, I’d write some software to simulate a harmonograph and use the output to drive the CNC router! After cutting the shapes I’d print them on paper like a wood block. Because it’s software I was able to add an extra sine wave to drive the cutting depth of the engraving tool – something that would be very difficult on a real-world machine.


Last week I used Ben Goodman’s 1875 press to print the CNC carved blocks. A nice combination of old and new!


I’ve got 8 very limited edition prints, 2 each of 4 blocks available for £10 or a trade. Prints range from about 100x80mm to 150x100mm in size.

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