KiCad screencast tutorials – from 0 to PCB in 15 minutes!

As part of OSHCamp 2015 I’m running a workshop on KiCad, an open source PCB development tool.

I’ve run a few workshops on PCB design in the past and it’s always hard work; either trying to keep everyone at the same stage, or else making documentation and trying to multitask where 10 different people are at in the process.

This time I’ve made a set of 5 screencasts that will take you through:

  1. Drawing the schematic
  2. Layout of the PCB
  3. Making a change to the schematic
  4. Creating a new component symbol and footprint
  5. Preparing gerbers and ordering a PCB

There’s no audio and lots of stuff is sped up so you can play and pause as you follow along in KiCad. Make sure you’re using a newish (2015) version of KiCad that includes the .pretty footprint libraries and push & shove routing.

If you want more depth, then I’d suggest this series of much longer (and slightly out of date) videos from contextual electronics.

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