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  • To design, engineer and deliver sustainable “future positive” projects,
  • To be involved in a dynamic team,
  • To share innovations and skills as widely as possible.


Recent partners


Chris Pounds (Manager of Hackney City Farm): Matt Venn was employed to help research and develop electrical elements of our cycle powered cinema. He subsequently carried out tests and went on to complete full project construction. Matt is an experienced problem solver, friendly and approachable, with an eye for acute detail. Matt is self motivated and has completed tasks within budget. We are looking forward to working with Matt on future projects and collaborations.

Chris Johnstone (Theatre director): Matthew Venn is an inventive and industrious artist exploring a range of approaches to improvisation.  His particular skils in working with technology allowed him to create a unique laser-based interactive device for use during Fluxx’s ten-year anniversary series of shows at the Soho Theatre in 2008.  The device – generating sounds triggered by movements of spectators – proved a great hit.

Alan Sugar (computer programmer): Matthew Venn built a bespoke computer controlled gong for our IT support department that is pure geek gadget heaven!  We hooked the gong up to our defect ticket system so that every time a ticket is resolved, the gong is struck making a beautiful deep resonant tone.
The gong looks and sounds great.  The control board is perspex covered so that you can easily see all the electronics (us geeks love that!), and the gong itself is brushed metal.  The gong was a huge success.  Everybody wanted to resolve a ticket just so that they could set the gong off!  People who would never normally have ventured into the support department, suddenly started appearing wanting to see what everyone had been talking about.  A few years on, the gong is still going strong, but I’m thinking maybe we need to add laser beams….anything I dream up, I’m pretty sure Matt can make it!

Martina Sprenghart (fashion photographer): We developed an idea for a multimedia project, a way to display and modify photos in an unusual way. Matthew opened up my mind for a huge range of possibilities, I never thought could be possible in such a short time frame. I was surprised by his great commitment and his self-contained working style, which gave me a lot of faith in the successful completion of the project. He programmed and built an electronic device which detects people in the room watching a slide projection on the wall. Matt invented a moving water surface through which the projection gets directed and this effect looks soooo beautiful. A sound gives feedback to the viewer as well. The ability to solve problems quickly through his knowledge, researching skills, combined with a wicked creative mind; that’s the Master of technology and improvisation… Matthew Venn