Science of Snow

  • 10 Jan, 2010
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Science of Snow is an interactive exhibit that starts by illustrating how snowflakes form and ends with a unique snowflake postcard to take away.


By controlling environmental conditions, participants grow a unique snowflake; its shape is a visual history of the journey from cloud to ground.


Personal notes

I researched, designed and built the software and hardware for the exhibit. I learnt a lot about the science of snow, and enjoyed working through a paper on modelling snowflake formation by Janko Gravner, David Griffeath and Clifford A. Reiter.

snow flakes

Working with Lou Smith (carpentry) and the London Hackspace (laser cutting) gave me lots of opportunities to work on my fabrication skills.



The exhibit has been shown at many galleries including The Crypt (London) Motorcycle showroom and Lakota (Bristol). Over 3000 postcards were printed and taken by participants.


  • We particularly enjoyed the installation by Matthew Venn where we produced our own digital snow flake.
  • Loved the snow flake machine.
  • I made the opening night and it was absolutely mind blowing, came back again to play on the snow flake machine.