Wind Turbines

  • 13 Jan, 2013
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The wind turbine project challenges groups of children to build the most effective wind turbines from recycled plastic bottles. A league table allows groups to test different designs and test which is the most effective.

wind turbine

Personal notes

I designed and co-built the tunnel and control software. I was then responsible for running the workshop at the SAUCE events held at London Metropolitan University.

This workshop is always great to run, the concept is so simple the children can get straight into the cycle of making, testing and improving. I think it’s important children get to experience hands on engineering in a space where creativity is encouraged and mistakes are acceptable.

wind turbine


3 years of SAUCE workshops with 1500 children taking part over 4 weeks. Over 20 school workshops run.

Participant feedback

  • I enjoyed making the Wind Turbine because I enjoyed getting more than one chance and knowing that every time I had a chance I could be a winner. Thank you.
  • I really enjoyed creating mini turbines as it allowed our creativity to be in contrast with our scientific knowledge. Everyone was ambitious about creating a successful mini wind turbine. I also liked the fact that you were aware of what was happening to our climate.


  • Absolutely loved Matthew’s workshop, really engaged the children and allowed them to really think and investigate. Teacher at Islington Primary School.
  • One of the best workshops I have seen in the last three years. Teacher at South Camden Community School